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On our national and regional news portals, we offer authentic, fast and reliable content 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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News portals created with award-winning technology

Our websites are made with the most modern technical solutions. They are authentic, unbiased and of high quality. BudaPestkörnyé is the news portal of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and its agglomeration, which is read by up to 300,000 people every day.


It’s all about the reader

Our content is popular, intriguing, exciting and appeals to many readers.


  • News portal
  • Target group 18+
  • 400,000 readers per day

On this current news portal, you will find the most important and interesting police news in your area, the country and the world, the actions of the emergency services, and instructive reports on disasters.


Websites optimized for mobile phones

82% of internet users are already online on mobile. It is essential that our websites and our partners’ ads provide an excellent experience on mobile devices as well.

  • News portal
  • Target group 18+

Entertainment, news and lots of viral, likeable content. A proud representative of the tabloid news genre in Hungary.


The world is in your hands even when you relax!

We love the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, and we want to know what is happening around it. The BalatonKörnyé news portal offers really interesting and popular topics in the travel tabloid news genre to everyone: local residents, vacationers, vacation home owners and those who like the latest news. Find out what is happening right now around Lake Balaton, on the coast of Hungary.


  • Regional news portal
  • Target group 18+


Information and business

The portals we operate provide fast, useful and authentic information to hundreds of thousands of people. Our reader target groups are well defined, so our partners’ ads reach their target effectively and help their growth goals quickly.

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We have helped many companies grow. We are also sought by small and medium-sized companies that want to spend little on advertising, but want to invest it all the more effectively. Good content marketing, a good PR article, is a real investment. It drives the company forward.

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